Lamination is the process of adhering transparent film to printed products, which improves its appearance and increases its mechanical strength, as well as significantly increases the resistance to physical and chemical effects.

Lamination is used in the production of the labels, which in operation will be subject to high mechanical stress, heavy abrasion, corrosive chemicals, immersion in water, etc.

Decorativeness of a laminated image grows, the quality of a picture gets better, and paints remain bright for a long time.


Two-layer material

ОArea of application: for packaging a variety of food and industrial products, for subsequent processing with the method of masking and laminating.

We offer both duplex or triplex materials.

Depending on the required barrier properties, we help consumers choose the optimal composition of composite materials.

Multilayered composite materials are based on various polymer films (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, polyethileneterephthalate, etc.), aluminum foil and paper by masking them.

Such materials have important advantages over widespread ones, as a packaging with regular film materials with printing due to:

  • long shelf life of products in such packaging;
  • high mechanical properties;
  • interlayer printing;
  • improvement of the packaging appearance.

Two-layer material with interlayer printing

Area of application of packages: sugar, flour, cereals, pasta, meat and fish products, bakery products, frozen products, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, etc.


Masked foil

Area of application of packages: butter, margarine, ice cream, cheese, tobacco industry, etc.


Two-layer material with interlayer printing and metallization

Area of application of packages: chips, nuts, tea, coffee, confectionery, household chemicals, etc.


Three-layer material with interlayer printing

Area of application of packages: milk powder of long term storage, vacuum packaging of coffee and tea, ketchup, mayonnaise, household chemicals, perfumes, etc.






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