Manufacture and production of labels. An increasing popularity among producers is conquered by shrinkable labels, the production of which is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film, because this material has unique properties. It increases the strength and eliminates faults of packaging containers of complicated form, does not pass UV radiation, possesses thermal and moisture resistance. Our company offers the manufacture and printing of thermo shrinkable PVC labels at the best prices. They are ideal for attracting attention of buyers.

The use of thermo shrinkable PVC labels will protect the product from damage and provide an unusual and spectacular design of products, due to the clear and colorful printing.

A beautiful, bright label is an important attribute of any product. A thermo shrinkable PVC label is the best way to package blanks of complex shape, leaving a large space for designer’s activity.

The thermo shrinkable PVC labels have been used successfully for a variety of beverages, dairy, perfumes and household chemicals, in pharmaceutical, confectionery and food industries. Such labels can be used for virtually any packaging: PET, glass, tin, plastic, etc. We offer thermo shrinkable labels from PVC film, in rolls or in a cut form.

Advantages of our thermo shrinkable PVC labels:

Resistance and durability of thermo shrinkable PVC labels to various external influences are provided by good protection from UV rays and the fact that the printing

of information on products and colorful images during production are made on its inner side, so it will remain unchanged for a long time. This expands the options for possible designing, allowing to place on its surface transparent windows, prizes and souvenirs, etc.

In the production of thermo shrinkable PVC labels we put information on them with the method of gravure printing. Qualification of employees of «MASTER PRINT» allows obtaining the highest image quality, making the labels bright and attractive.

  • Labels from thermo shrinkable PVC film, which can take a form of any low-cost packaging will make products colorful, modern and attractive, thus making them competitive;
  • Labels protect the product against opening and forgery;
  • Labels hide gaps and defects in a packed container;
  • Labels can be packed almost completely - this is an additional advertising space or place for information about the product;
  • It serves as a protection for fragile, breakable packaging;
  • Additional product protection from UV rays.
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