«MASTER PRINT» produces flexible rolling packaging materials for food, tea, mineral water and juices, consumer goods (household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics). Because of its great variety, these products require different types of packaging different in barrier properties, requirements of the equipment producing packaging - modes and means of gluing, etc., low or high production speed.

Since all of these types of foods and consumer goods are produced in large volumes, production of packaging material, as well as printing are carried out on high-speed equipment.

Printing is carried out with the method of "intaglio printing" on the machine of the well-known Chinese manufacturer that has 8 colorful sections and is equipped with optional machinery for the subsequent finishing of the sealed material.

Intaglio printing differs from flexographic and other types of printing with its quality, more accurate reproduction of the original, the best transmission of halftones, absence of graininess because the displayed points on the surface of the material are smaller with a resolution of 70 lines per 1 cm and above. The result is high quality photographic images.

Rotogravure printing machines are used for printing on flexible materials such as aluminum foil, paper, including synthetic materials such as PET, OPP, BOPP film, thermo shrinkabke PVC and polyethylene.

For printing on rotogravure machines paints are used based on solvents with a high volatility, which makes it possible to print at high speeds.

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